Friday, January 1, 2010

Some Tools...

Animoto - automated slideshow (30 sec.)

Audacity - download program for audio recordings

Blogger - blogs (chronological web postings)

PB Works - wikis (easy, quick webpages; collaborative)

CmapTools - concept mapping; webbing

MyWebspiration - online beta version of popular Inspiration (may not stay free!) - quick webbing/concept mapping

Google Earth - download program for places on earth, in oceans, & space (AMAZING!)

Google Maps - mapping locations; directions; satellite imagery, etc.

Jing - download program for on screen recording (5 min. free)

SurveyMonkey - Online survey (10 questions/survey free)

Zoomerang - Online survey (30 questions/survey free)

PollEverywhere - quick, live polling (via texting)

Rubistar - find, create, modify, save rubrics

Aviary - online drawing, photo editing, and more! (may not stay free!)

Scrapblog - online scrapbooking or presentations - online presentation or collaborative sharing/discussing of images, etc.

Wordle - visual prose (summary)


Vimeo - upload/show videos - high quality... NOT YouTube

Zamzar - converts files (Ex. .docx to .doc) or YouTube videos to a downloadable file (NOTE: ads can be annoying!)

Reqall - call for reminders via emailed transcription of your voicemail

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